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A personal statement is a document that supplements your resume with information about why you are interested in getting an education under this or that program and why you are suitable for it. In a personal statement, you should correctly present yourself and your skills in the best possible way, describe your education, professional experience, and participation in public life. It is important for candidates to argue their choice, how studying in the chosen program can help achieve professional and personal goals.

There are various approaches to writing a personal statement, however, the desirable structure of this paper consists of five paragraphs and includes the following points:

  1. Sender address and date;
  2. Greetings. If you know the names of the members of the selection committee or the main specialist, then it should be indicated as an appeal in the first line;
  3. The first paragraph. The essence of this section is to determine the specialty chosen by the student at the university;
  4. The main part (2-4 paragraphs). In these paragraphs, the applicant reveals his positive qualities, talks about his experience, etc.;
  5. Conclusion. Summing up the above, the applicant expresses hope for consideration of his candidacy and further training on the program.

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