About Us and Why We Can Complete Even Impossibly Urgent Assignments

8HourEssay.com is a writing service a student hires when he/she needs a paper sample to be ready not just soon, but right now. Over the course of years, we’ve accumulated a team of writers capable of completing virtually any assignment – and among them, there are people who specifically train themselves to be ready to write fast while still providing top-notch results. But how do we find such people?

It is our careful hiring policy at work:

First, an applicant has to demonstrate his knowledge and command of English language, its grammar, and syntax. This test takes no less than 4 hours and is carefully organized in a way that eliminates the possibility of cheating.

Secondly, a potential writer has to pass a formatting test to show he knows how to use all the commonly accepted academic formatting styles.

Finally, he is given a very limited amount of time and a task to write a sample essay before the deadline. This is the most important test because it demonstrates the practical ability of the writer to work when severely pressed for time, and it is this kind of work that our company pays special attention to.

In addition to that, we keep an eye on writers throughout their time with us, regularly checking their performance and making sure they still meet our quality standards.

We have more than 200 highly proficient writers in our employment – more than enough to complete any kind of academic assignment on time. Our writers come from the United States, the Great Britain, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands and a number of other countries, but in the long run it doesn’t matter where from each particular writer hails – what is important is that all of them are carefully checked and have proven to be professionals of highest degree.